Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dangerous Games

This whole Rush Limbaugh thing has been mighty entertaining, no doubt about that. Watching Republicans kow-tow to the mighty Rush speaks volumes about their herd mentality.

I must admit to some worry, however.

Highlighting Limbaugh's influence in the GOP - and then tying it to his utterly idiotic remarks, most especially his "I hope the President fails" comments but also his racism, misogyny and just plain stupidity - is definitely good politics. But it is politics nonetheless - and Obama built his supermajority of public support by NOT indulging in that murkey pool.

Let the Republicans continue to tear themselves apart, or let them come together and start getting some decent new ideas. Either way is a good outcome. But kicking them while they're down and playing politics is exactly the opposite of what got Obama elected. It's tempting for sure, but it could backfire all too easily.

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