Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Climate Change Deniers, Your Time Has Come...

... and gone. And this is all that's left.

The next time I hear somebody claim that "tons of scientists" are denying global warming, I am going to use my usual response, which almost always shuts them up:

"Name one."

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Helping Out

From the good folks at Comments From Left Field:

I’ve been writing here for about four years now, and over the course of those four years, we’ve asked you guys to open your wallets on several occasions. We’ve asked you to give some of your hard earned cash to politicians who have taken hard stands, and thanks to you we have raised thousands of dollars for Fisher House in honor of two brave soldiers who lost their lives in Iraq.

But we’ve never asked you to give money directly to one of our own. Many blogs out there hold fund drives to keep their sites up and running, and we haven’t even done that, Mike paying the bills out of his own pocket to keep Comments From Left Field going.

This is about to change.

Last year we brought a talented and prolific woman into our fold. Kathy, whose own blog at Liberty Street is quite excellent, has since then become one of the leading voices here at Comments From Left Field. If we could afford to pay people a salary, I’m fairly certain that Mike would agree with me in saying that she would be the first on the list to catch a paycheck. She has become one of the key driving engines to this website (and more than makes up for my somewhat manic blogging patterns).

Frankly, I wonder if CFLF would still be alive without her.

The problem is, while Kathy has toiled endlessly here and at her own blog, catching work that can actually pay the bills is a different matter entirely. You may have noticed that over the past few weeks her contributions here have gone way down–this is because she couldn’t keep up with her internet bills and they finally cut her off.

And still her dedication has her going to the library in whatever spare time she can muster to write for us. As I say, I truly wish we could cut her a paycheck.

But the fact still remains–Kathy is in dire need of financial assistance, and the best I can do is turn to you, our readers, and ask for your kindness and your generosity. I know these times are tough, I know a lot of you are scrimping and saving every dime you can, but my sincerest hope is that if you can spare some cash, any cash, it doesn’t have to be a big amount, is that you toss some of that change over Kathy’s way.

Together we can’t make all of Kathy’s dreams come true, I hold no illusions about that. What I want us to do is to come together and at least scrape enough cash up for her so that she can get her head back above water–keep the wolves at bay for at least another day, so to speak.

You don’t have to give a lot, just a dollar or two. And if you can’t do that, please help spread the word around. Write up a post on your own blog, email your friends. Kathy is one of the best voices out there on the internet, and it would be a shame if we lost that because she too became a victim of the economy.

If you write up a post, you’ll get a link from us in a gratuity post I’ll do later on, and if you aren’t on our blogroll now, doing so will buy you an instant spot on the blogroll with few questions asked (I’ve learned my lesson to unrestricted blogrolling, thank you very much!).

And to start things off I’ve already donated $50.00 to the Kathy bailout fund. Please help grow that sum by clicking the button below. Thank you!

Let me know if the button works, because I may have done it wrong. :lol: Even a dollar or two helps, as many of us know all too well. I think this is a worthwhile cause. Imagine for a minute - no more internet access. Pretty miserable, eh?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dangerous Games

This whole Rush Limbaugh thing has been mighty entertaining, no doubt about that. Watching Republicans kow-tow to the mighty Rush speaks volumes about their herd mentality.

I must admit to some worry, however.

Highlighting Limbaugh's influence in the GOP - and then tying it to his utterly idiotic remarks, most especially his "I hope the President fails" comments but also his racism, misogyny and just plain stupidity - is definitely good politics. But it is politics nonetheless - and Obama built his supermajority of public support by NOT indulging in that murkey pool.

Let the Republicans continue to tear themselves apart, or let them come together and start getting some decent new ideas. Either way is a good outcome. But kicking them while they're down and playing politics is exactly the opposite of what got Obama elected. It's tempting for sure, but it could backfire all too easily.